Here's What Staff Members
Are Saying About Their New Product.

The CTU4 is one of the most unique oxygen cylinder transport units that I have ever seen. One person can easily maneuver the cylinder to and from an ambulance. The cart's hydraulic system makes the cylinder more manageable and therefore reduces the risk of back injury to our employees.

Mike Austin, Logistics Supervisor
Contra Costa County Operations

The Cylinder Transport Unit is a great addition to our operation. Any staff person, no matter what their strength or size, can easily and safely transport the oxygen cylinders.

Chad Guido, Support Services Supervisor
San Mateo County Operations

The CTU4 reviews from our VST staff have been great. The unit is easy to operate and the extra safety features are well thought out. The wheel locks and the smoothness of the unit make loading and unloading of the oxygen cylinder a breeze. Staff can now easily and safely transport oxygen cylinders and can avoid the possible safety risks of the past.

Mike Peterson, Support Services Supervisor
Alameda County Operations

This safety device will help reduce the chance for on-the-job injuries relating to lifting. If you have changed a main O2 system in an ambulance, you know how the process can be messy and uncontrollable. The Cylinder Transport Unit (CTU4) makes the job safer, easier, and faster by only requiring one staff member to complete the task. Reviews from our staff have been very positive.

Dave Mathews, Operations Manager
Josephine County Operations

This is one of the most unique units I have ever seen. I'm very pleased with the unit, especially how easy it is to use. It's hard to believe that anyone would want to transport these large oxygen cylinders any other way. The CTU4 is a great product and it's sturdy and well built.

Rocco Roncarati, Director of Operations
Multnomah County Operations

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