The Case Studies listed on this page are outlined in a Problem, Solution, and Result format and are real life stories and experiences of small business people. As you review the stories, do more than read the words – read between the lines. Ask yourself if any of these situations sound familiar? Are there times when you needed help or assistance and didn’t know where to turn? If so, do what so many other people have done and contact "Work Solutions, Innovative Solutions for the Workplace” today.
PROBLEM:  A restaurant based in the San Francisco area had several problems with its Landlord related to repair and maintenance issues. The Landlord allowed water leaks and other maintenance problems to occur...and failed to repair them in a timely manner. Poor communication with the Landlord led to extended problems, causing loss of business and reputation.

SOLUTION: Work Solutions was called in. After analyzing the problem, we decided on a two-step approach using information from our Documents and Forms library. We helped the restaurant write a letter to the Landlord, using certain strategies and phrases that we have learned to be effective. We followed up with several phone calls. We were able to get a meeting set up between the Tenant, the Management Company, and the Landlord. We did our homework and our strategy paid off.

RESULT: The Landlord began addressing the problems within one week of the meeting, fixing the leaks and providing a new paint job. The tenant received six months free rent as compensation for inconvenience and losses. By the way, the landlord of the building changed the Management Company after our meeting. Six months later, the restaurant decided to expand and open a new restaurant. We spent three months negotiating the new lease terms, and the Landlord has agreed to pay for most of the external and internal improvements. Using our strategies, we were able to save our client (tenant) $60,000 per year and have all personal guarantees removed from the lease.


PROBLEM: A marble and kitchen company had been in business for 15 years but was barely breaking even. The company wanted to operate efficiently and effectively, at least doubling the business, but didn’t know how to go about it.

SOLUTION: The company contacted Work Solutions. We developed a unique solution consisting of several of our services. Although this company had been in business for 15 years, it was operating with few established systems or strategies. We first had the company use our Documents and Forms on Demand services to acquire employee manuals, injury reports, compliance reports, performance reviews, marketing programs, and other needed information. We set up a strategic plan for controlled and steady growth by changing the Sales Team completely, letting go of non-performers and hiring new sales people who wanted to be part of a winning team. From here we set up a Training program for the Sales Team, Customer Service, Fabrication and Installation crews, and provided leadership training for the owners.

RESULT: After using our services for only six months, the company saw its sales revenues increase by over $120,000 per month, and profits by $30,000 per month. We are now involved in helping the company continue to grow the business.


PROBLEM: Several years ago, a major company involved in emergency medical response brought to our attention that, during a Safety and Risk Meeting, several Operations Managers identified the loading and unloading of large oxygen cylinders in ambulances as a safety hazard for the staff. The company made solving this safety issue a top priority. The problems were many: the large and heavy oxygen cylinders were awkward and hard work to move. Two staff were needed to complete the task. The unwieldiness of the cylinders made moving them unsafe; many staff avoided the task if possible. Additionally, through our research, we found that back injuries in the E.M.S. industry are the number one reason for disability claims.  In California, the average claim costs approximately $32,000.00, with no relief in sight. So we took on the challenge of solving this problem.
SOLUTION: After many months of research and development, and the testing of a prototype transport unit at many of their locations, we are proud to announce the successful completion of a cylinder transport unit, called the CTU4. We have developed and refined this unique product that allows staff to quickly and safely change oxygen cylinders in ambulances. The cylinder transport unit includes many safety features, i.e. heavy-duty aluminum design, eight load bearing electrostatic rubber wheels, foolproof cylinder positioning and restraint system, stable wheelbase, manual operation, and  portability.

RESULT: During our research, development, and testing of this unit, we did not experience any accidents or mechanical breakdowns. Additionally, not one back-related injury was reported during this time, thereby substantiating the reliability of the unit and the importance of implementing this product into the workplace. We have checked in with these locations from time to time throughout the year and are pleased to report that the Cylinder Transport Units are working fine. Additionally, we are proud to say that we have had outstanding reviews from all of the locations with not one accident or back injury being reported during the transfer of oxygen cylinders.

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