What's Wrong with this Picture?

Hard to handle  Unsafe to staff  Staff dissatisfied

Causes back injuries  Takes time to maneuver

    There is a better way...

Help Has Arrived!

Introducing the CTU4

The Cylinder Transport Unit (CTU4) has been designed to enable staff to transport heavy, awkward oxygen cylinders.
Just think, no heavy lifting, back injuries, or disability claims. You can now quickly and easily allow your staff to transport oxygen cylinders effortlessly. With over three years of research and development, we know you will be proud to have a CTU4 as part of your team. Click here to read several testimonials from across the country.

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  Easy to operate, no real lifting required
• Versatile
Positions cylinders horizontally and vertically
• Foolproof
Contains cylinder positioning & restraint system
• No Batteries To Charge
Available for use 24/7
• 24/7 Support Services
No extra charge
• Affordable Lease or Purchase Available
No large cash outlay 

     One CTU4 Does It All!       
Let your staff do it safely
and put a smile on their faces

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