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Q: Do I have to have an attorney to use these forms?
Q: Do I have to create an account to download my documents and forms?
Q: How do I find different documents and forms on the website?
Q: How do I order a form to download to my computer?
Q: How do I download the documents and forms that I purchased?

Q: Do I have to pay by credit card?
Q: How do I order through mail?
Q: Can I fax my order?
Q: How do I pay by electronic check?
Q: What happens if I have problems downloading my forms?
Q: What if the form I order is not the correct form form I need?
Q: Can I look at the form before I order it?
Q: Will I only be able to use the form once?   
Q: Can I use these documents and forms on my type of computer?
Q: Where did my download get saved on my computer?
Q: Does Work Solutions offer legal advise?
Q: Does Work Solutions publish state-specific documents and forms?
Q: What if i lose a document or form - do I have to pay again to download it?

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